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? in your expert opinion was this decision to fly these helicopters a pru department decision? >> definitely not prudent. >> a flight under the golden gate bridge. the nbc bay area we have exclusive video about this mission and what it says about the california national guard. >> i'm jessica aguirre. >> and i'm raj mathai. last night we exposed allegations of racism. tonight, more questionable behavior involving one of the most famous land marks in the world, the golden gate. a five-month investigates spearheaded by chief investigative reporter we are.
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a lot more than a questionable helicopter flight. what's the culture inside this organization? >> it's an arm of the military with a motto that reads -- intellingity first and some say it was a wreckless and risky decision but it's what happened after the flight that members of the guard say exposes the real problems. it's exclusive video showing an ill-advised helicopter trip originating from moffitt field. >> when you watch this video how do you react? >> disbelief. in all my air force training i've never seen this. >> members of the california national guard say this foggy morning produced a clear example of high-ranking hypocrisy. >> why did you agree to this interview some. >> somebody needs to speak out. this discipline and this breakdown and this violation it sets a bad example. >> we altered his voice and
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disguised his image because he fea fears retribution. he's had flying experience in afghanistan and iraq? your expert opinion was this decision to fly these five helicopters a prudent decision? >> definitely not. >> a decision made by two top senior leaders at the 129th rescue squadron. the document shows the pilots making the decision there is the lead helicopter where major tom keegan and the unit's commander. >> can the national guard justify five helicopters going under the golden gate bridge under these conditions? >> i would say no. >> look at the video and these pictures. focus on the fog covering the top of the golden gate bridge. >> the video shows five helicopters following each other into less than ideal conditions and nobody is speaking up. >> less than ideal because air force regulations require a minimum cloud sealing of 700 feet. the top of the golden gate blank
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measures 746 feet. the roadway? 246 feet. the video appears to show the fog well below the air force's requirement for safe flying. >> nothing required them to go underneath that bridge. >> 20 pilots and crew leading the way, sources say it was a nonemergency flight rewarding 40 other members of the guard. some of the sources we talked to say this was an incentive trip, a joyride. >> it looks like it was an incentive flight which makes it even more egregious because the people that got on board did not buy into that risk. they don't really understand what's going on. you expect there to be some disciplinary action, that maybe some people's promotions would be held up. >> we have confirmed the guard did not discipline major keegan and the other major was given a written reprimand in the if h the weeks that followed they both received promotions,
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contrast lieutenant colonel rusty henderson. >> i was released from my active-duty tour. >> retaliation? >> absolute retaliation, no doubt. >> seven years earlier lieutenant colonel henderson was awarded this trophy, the fwief field grade officer of the year. >> so in seven years you go from the highest award in the guard to essentially, out? >> out of my active duty tour, yes. >> how did that happen? >> that's a great question. i wish i had a good answer for you. >> lieutenant colonel henderson he was fired from his fulltime position for standing up for one of his airmen. he thought they were wrongfully discharging an airman an ultimately he said he was relieved of his command for challenging leadership. a stark contrast to the promotions that followed the flights under the golden gate bridge. >> i can tell you the dull sure
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in the 129 rescue wing is fractured, toxic in my opinion and i recently let the general know that. >> and this secret report is highly critical of the culture in the guard. >> why, ultimately have you decided to talk? >> because so many people have asked me to. and when i found out in california that they don't have a copy of the report that i wrote. >> chief ronald petty of the oklahoma guard led an independent investigation and co-authored the report, the california guard paid for it with tax dollars. sources provided it to us but somehow, 18 months after it was finished, the guard's leadership still does not have a copy. >> you found some serious problems. >> yes. >> and from all indications, nothing significant changed? >> yes. >> frustrated? >> i'm sure they are. >> he's referring to the the 14 guard members he interviewed. his report reads, sexual harassment and a hostile work environment is commonplace.
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>> you called this a big problem. >> uh-huh. >> shouldn't it be a big priority? >> sure. should always be a big priority when you find these kinds of things. >> do you believe this information embarrasses the national guard? >> yes. >> all day long. >> it substantiates our claim. >> our investigation included interviews with nearly two does dozen members of the california guard all frustrated with the current culture. >> i have a mandate from the governor to change the culture. >> that was major general david baldwin at his formal confirmation hearing pledging to fix deep-rooted problems dating back several years. in a letter major general promised to fix the problems you talked about. >> did he keep his promise? >> no. >> remember to add here to the four principals of my command philosophy. >> through his spokesperson we're told he has a great story to tell but he declined to answer our questions on camera to answer the concerns of members of his guard. wondering why risky flights
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under the golden gate bridge are accepted and standing up for a better culture is not. >> that would be, perhaps, a culture of arrogance. a culture with leadership feels the rules do not apply to them so they feel they can get away with things. >> although general baldwin declined our request for an interview we intend to ask him. questions members of his guard want answered. look for that the in coming weebs. chief petty said he believes there's been some movement recently and the guard is serious about cleaning up his problems and finally an example of that change came to us from sacramento. general baldwin was asking and requesting a new visit by the national guard bureau to review key programs in the guard and make sure they're meeting the national guard development and
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that's the best story. >> here's the information if you want to get ahold of our investigative unit directly. or you can send us an e-mail directly to the unit other new details about how a registered sex offender was spotted volunteers at a san jose church festival teaming with kids. he was made by a i think girl who recognized him often the megan's law website. tonight what he did and more stunning, what he discovered about the convicted volunteers volunteering at the church. we're live at the church, george? >> reporter: more than 50 concerned parents came out to ask more questions and find out more information. one of the questions, why did it take the church more than six weeks to vet aid convicted sex o'nender from its property. >> why is that person allowed to be even near our school, i have no idea. >> john's daughter spotted convicted sex offender mark
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geary volunteers at a fall festival losted by this elementary school last month. >> she said, dad why is he doing here. and i said, who? on our iphone you can pull up the megan's law website and the whole record and rop sheet was there. >> the 51-year-old was convicted of molesting a young girl. his daughter knows the victim and alerted her dad who quickly told security at festival. >> you might want them removed. once people realize that, that he's working, it could get ugly. >> he approached the pastor and the father said there was a letter from the diocese and he was allowed to work at a school function. i said, the diocese doesn't supersede the law. >> it turns out they can have it with permission. >> there's a statute in penal code where it says a registered sex offender can be a school
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grounds if they have written permission. >> they are trying to verify that letter. the diocese wouldn't tell us who at the church gave him permission to volunteer. the diocese says he will no longer be able to volunteer at any church or school function. >> the policy is that volunteers should be fingerprinted if they are going to be on the campus. parish or school where there are children present. >> he says he's unhappy with the way st. francis handled it. >> i think they hoped people would forget about it. i've been at that school since 1990. >> no, ma'ne of the parents at meeting wanted to go on camera but one mother told me she's thinking of pulling her kid out and go to another school. the weekend right around the corner and the rain may get here
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first. the chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is tracking those track. >> they have stubborn to get a move on and we're looking at showers developing ahead of the core of the storm which remains 3 to 400 miles out in the pacific. you see light accumulating rain well north of santa rosa. nothing major at this point. how ever as the center of storm number one gets over us from friday we'll continue to see rain develop throughout the day and throughout the evening and on the heels of that a second storm for subd where we could have areas of showers and thunderstorms. winds anywhere from 15 to 30 miles an hour. coming up in ten minutes, the complete timeline on both of these storms in your full forecast. >> we'll see you shortly. also ahead a family affair. buster posey with his wife, kids and hometown supporters celebrating today's big announcement. we'll hear from the mvp. and standup comedy superstar
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cat williams takes the stage. but first, legal problems. >> and there's a balance between the need to maintain the safety of the forces but also, the need to tell the whole story. >> israel launches a military offensive against hamas and then they start tweeting about it. protests spark right here in the bay area. that's next.
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developing news in the middle east where it's friday morning. that's the gazza strip. israel says it was cease-fire on gazza by a visit to egypt's prime minister to the region on the condition that militants do the same. israel has been moving closer towards a ground i evaluation towards the hamas-controlled gazza trip. they have mobilized tens of thousands of troops while it continued aerial attacks and for
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the first time palestinian militants ladies and gentlemen rockets in tel aviv. one hitting the city and the other hitting the outskirts. it has killed 19 palestinians and three israelis. but millions are watching the battleground online. both sides using the internet to fight a separate war aimed at public influence. for the latest, gene has more on the social media warfare, jeanne? >> jessica, we're seeing a lot of anger here in san francisco on the street and anger online as israel and hamas launch a war of words. an escalation of violence between israel and hamas in gazza brings protesters into the streets in san francisco. it's anger we've seen before but there's a new element triggering tempers around the world. a war of words in social media. >> there's like a twitter war going on behind like everyone paying ateng to what the other side is saying online.
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>> twitter, facebook and youtube is full of graphic images and strong words about the conflict despite rules banning threats of violence most images and messages remain some are tweeting targets and the israeli army tweets plans and posts videos shows israelis running for cover, the consulate says it's a new tool in the war of public opinion. >> there's a balance between the need to maintain the safety of the soldiers and the forces. but also the need to tell the right story, to tell the whole story. >> back on the streets, some say it's a distraction from the real suffering happening on the ground. >> having this now with the social media did you want change the fact that by the time since -- even before 1948 palestine was on -- >> other wore is the internet chatter is making a debt cal situation even more dangerous. >> fueling the fire is not the
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right decision. i think what's important now is to stand against hamas and stand with the people of gazza and show them we support you and we don't want killing on either side. >> as the situation escalates the coast are expected to become more graphic and more violent. we did reach out to facebook and twitter to talk to them about their violent policies and we have not heard back. >> it's worrisome. thank you. cat williams plays the oakland arena tomorrow. yesterday, though, he was playing a patrol car. the 41-year-old arrested yesterday on suspicion of assault for allegedly hitting a man in the head with a bottle out side a hotel. the victim was treated at the hospital. officers found williams a few blocks away and arrested him and he was later released. not his first altercation. earlier this month williams had a confrontation with a heckler and sued by a former assistant who says william punched her. and extremely low tide in
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santa cruz led to an amazing discovery. a fossilized row of vertebrae jutting out from rocks. you see it carefully. this is a picture of yesterday's find. they say the fossils appear to be from an extinct whale. they have been common in santa cruz for a time. in twin another version was unearthed in the same area. the fossil is now displayed in the santa cruz county board of supervisor's chamber tool supervisor's chambers. >> let's check in with jeff because the next 72 hours are iffy? >> we will even have flooding concerns. right now, nothing major here when it kpoms to rainfall. some prefrontal shower activity moving to the north bay and to the southbound and the winds have yr increased and spring valley at 45 miles an hour and san francisco at 29 miles an
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hour and up to the low 20s in napa. radar not finding any calm lighting rainfall in the northeast south bay or peninsula. look way to the south out of our viewing area to find showers that's not even mch, to the south of gilroy but again, the nature of this prefrontal shower activity. very light in nature. a little bit of showers up across the sierra today. nothing heavy expected and nothing heavy at all. we're counting on the accumulating rainfall as we head throughout the friday with four to eight inches expected and that's at 7,000 feet. outside the live hd skycam are and you can see looking toward the bay bridge we have clear skies and that visibility will get reduced quite a bit as we head throughout tomorrow with our first storm system arriving so here we go. friday, storm system offshore and the unique thing it's moving from the south off to the north and little bit without a road map and being stubborn. it will be slow to move in on
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friday but we'll eventually pick up the rainfall and the second storm system on sunday but they'll be on the heelless of each other which could bring us flooding concern. as far as tomorrow goes rate increases throughout the day and temperatures colder on the 60s inland and we're looking at a decent chance of thunderstorms, especially in the morning hours. for tomorrow morning, rain starts to develop. more shourg activity across the bay area and scattered in nature but by the early an hours we get a first wave of consistent rainfall by 3:00 p.m. and heavier rainfall by the late evening hours. look at the widespread coverage at 8:00 on friday? it looks like we could see that chance of rain staying with us all the way through saturday morning notice the areas of yellow. we could be picking up on thunderstorms in the morning hours on saturday. so here's what to expect. >> half an inch to a an inch on sunday and that's where we could
11:21 pm
have some flooding concerns. for the north bay hills and the santa cruz mountains which could get one to three inches of rain were we're not expecting more but with the water main break earlier this week, anyone that suffered damage want to be an alert and we could see another three-quarters inch of rain so definitely stay tuned. temperatures in the morning upper 30s and low 40s. we'll see kay time highs top out in the 60s for tomorrow. three day forecast active on friday, saturday and also, sunday and look toward dryer weather heading throughout monday and on tuesday with that sun returning. so again, it's not going to be nonstop rain for the next three days. we'll see these waves and series of activity moving on through the first one begins tomorrow with showers on that morning commute. >> we've been warned. >> we have. >> you've been taking notes. >> duly noted. >> south bay marching band makes school history. a prestigious invitation for
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thanksgiving. details next. [ female announcer ] this is the story of eves. [ eves ] years ago, i hurt my shoulder drag racing. that's when i decided to take it easy, so i took up hang gliding. [ female announcer ] a grandpa who refuses to grow up. [ eves ] the pain was bad, but the thought of not being a hang glider pilot was worse. [ female announcer ] that's when eves turned to sutter health's palo alto medical foundation. [ eves ] the doctors that i dealt with, they got it, that this old guy wanted to return as a hang glider pilot. they got me flying again. [ female announcer ] palo alto medical foundation, and sutter health -- our story is you.
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the saratoga high school band is marching to new york city! they've been invited to play at the macy's thanksgiving day parade. tonight the final rehearsal before leaving for the big apple. the parade is the first national event for this band. >> i am very excited to the point where there's not a lot of sleep going on. i'm nervous. the kids are going to be fantastic but i'm worried that we're preparing ourself for the kids and making we do a good job as teachers. >> break a leg. they'll do great. a total of 400 band members, directors and chaperones will be making the trip back east and, of course, you can watch the  parade right here on nbc bay area at 9:00 a.m. on thanksgiving day. we'll update about jim harbaugh and the mvp, buster
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we've made major advancements in reducing the incidents of broken bones in seniors. we've received recognition for getting hypertension under control for over 80% of our members. we've made significant advances in asthma, immunization and maternity care. and j.d. power and associates ranked us highest in member satisfaction among health plans in california. we're focusing on the big things so you can enjoy the little things. kaiser permanente. thrive.
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scott reese in the comcast sportsnet newsroom. high on the importance scale, buster posey is your national league most valuable player. the first giant to win the award since barry bonds in 2004. posey becomes the first and they joins thurmon munson and through it all, buster still humble as ever. >> it's tough to put into words. i think it's an accomplishment that is shared with the whole giants' goes and starts at the top with the great ownership, front office, putting great guys on the field and it's a great place to come and play ball
11:28 pm
every day. very fortunate that it's a great environment and, you know, i think we've seen over the past couple of years how passionate our fans are so i'm very fortunate to play in san francisco and couldn't be more honored to have my name alongside the previous winners. >> a great news of a different kind. brandon mccarthy has received medical clearance to resume normal baseball activities. this coming less than two and a half months after the a's pitcher underwent merge brain surgery after taking a line drive off the head. it wouldn't surprise anyone to know that jim harbaugh's heart beats to its own drum but medically the coach was a little by the off last night and doctors advised him to get checked out and he did, a minor procedure to correct an irregular heart beat. that procedure done today at stanford hospital, harbaugh is expected back at the 49 team offices on friday and the players momentarily distract
11:29 pm
frad their preps for monday night against the bears. >> his health is of the utmost importance. so we never want to see one of our coaches or players down in any capacity but it will be all right. as long as he comes back strong and comes back healthy that's all that's important to us. >> of course, the first thing is how serious was it or something but they said it was minor and that everything's going to be fine and he'll be back tomorrow. >> stanford hoops beatsal corn state and the cardinal with the longest active win streak at eight games. more news after this.
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the final installment between the love hits bella. fans have been lining up to say the twilight saga breaking down
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part ii. the battle. very exciting. >> less go to the midnight show!
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- tim allen. from "modern family," 14-year-old actor, nolan gould. the music of switchfoot. and jay checks out new warning labels. and now, jay leno! [ cheers and applause ] captions paid for by nbc-universal television

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